Candy-sharp Indie Pop

Who could have guessed that Ash's funky bassist would have gone on to produce sugar-snap electro pop-punk tunes with a vivacious, but sugar quality that charms the listener?

'I Want You To Know' mixes Charlotte's sweet vocal work with thundering percussion, crisp electro bites add Blondie-like harmonies, adding a kooky edge to a great tune. While these elements do make the tune feel a little schizophrenic, for example the drums occasionally seem to overpower the vocals, after a few listens you begin to appreciate the merits of such a prominent beat, i.e. it should get you dancing in no time! With The Pipettes' success this tune should go down like a sugar cube on the tongue; Charlotte melds their pop fun with a more soulful 60's vibe that is far more than a gimmick.

'Sister Universe' is a saccharine little ditty that builds to a sweet pop chorus; production from Luke Smith of Clor is evident in the electro twists and psychedelic vocal arrangements. Dreamy 'Susperia' is a contrast with a simplistic approach as Charlotte's softly spoken vocals flutter over a warm guitar tune with a few minor chord changes to catch your interest, mostly it's an innocuous and soporific experimental lullaby that stretches for 5 mesmeric minutes.