Kill the Prime Minister?

Given the media hype and frenzy that seems to stalk Tony Blair these days, and the swell of opinion against him, it may not be a total surprise if some attempt on his life was made. Whilst this sort of thing has happened in America, with Abe Lincoln and John F Kennedy being murdered whilst in office and crooked Richard Nixon undertaking a form of career suicide its not unheard of in America but it doesn't seem as regular in Britain.

iLiKETRAiNS single 'Spencer Perceval' commemorates the 1812 murder of the aforementioned Prime Minister with its B-Side telling the same tale from a different perspective.

With the politics on show to be debated by others with more intelligence than this writer, the music is more than capable of speaking for itself, and at over nine minutes long, it had bloody better be.

In all honesty, having iLiKETRAiNS single drop through the door to review was hardly met with a rousing chorus of joy. Previous tracks hadn't convinced of any great charm or talent but thankfully, the dark and morose feel of this track is a lot better than expected. Evoking ideas of Mogwai with the pace-setting slowness which later crescendos into shredding guitar, the song never feels like its overstaying its welcome, no meant feat considering its just under 10 minutes long.

The whispered vocals add to the sense of macabre that circles the song and although it may be unclear how it will transfer into the live arena, as a stand alone track, 'Spencer Perceval' has a clinical edge that screams murder.