Quality Musicians

You are probably sick and tired of these teenybopper musicians storming up the charts. Well have no fear, Elliot Minor are nothing like this. Who would have thought a British group could actually sing and play remarkably well on a rock track...at the same time. It's not uncommon to hear about bands having a history as school friends‚ but these guys take the biscuit with their origins as choristers! Not something you would expect from the most recent stars on the rock scene. With the guys' classically trained background you would probably have expected something a little calmer than the debut offering 'Parallel Worlds' - not with these guys

In terms of musical ability, these guys must have gotten A's in music class at school. What you have here is a bunch of talented young lads throwing all their ability into creating a great punk/rock/pop tune. It starts with an otherworldly keyboard intro, setting the scene before the guitars really kick in. The track has this orchestral feel to it, making sure we are aware of the band's classical background. The punchy riffs to the first part of the guitar solo are amazing. This song is a masterpiece of its time. Each part, vocals, music and lyrics have been tremendously placed together in unity, with an underlying rumble that sets it apart from many similar bands today.

The vocals are clear-cut and inoffensive with added bounce and elements of the edge expected from the likes of Billie Jo Armstrong. But where this track really stands out is the superb vocal arrangements and harmonies with practically all the band lending their voices to the track. It's probably the boys sticking true to their chorister roots that make them so darn marvellous at this element.

Elliot Minor is finishing off the debut album at the moment‚ and if this first track is anything to go by‚ 2007 is going to be huge.