Latest single from folk singer.

Generously described as an EP, 'Woozy With Cider' features six versions of the title track and only one additional song. The original version of the main track is a slow burner, building through its intro to the introduction of Yorkston's vocals. Recalling fellow Scot Malcolm Middleton thanks to the accent and spoken word style, the vocals fit neatly with the fuzzy sound and simple approach to electronics.

'Woozy With Cider' develops like a story, something the confessional style of the vocals enhances. 'Sunday Jacket' is a more simple effort, an acoustic outing with more traditional vocals. The use of what sounds like a mandolin projects the song beyond its modest beginnings and creates a well layered offering.

The only shortcoming of this single is the needless inclusion of remixes that contribute little to the package. If folk with a twist is your tipple of choice then you could do worse then give James Yorkston's blend of cider a chance.