Hair today, gone tomorrow.

'Runnin' Wild' is a hair metal junkie's dream come true. It's a pompous slice of ACDC style rock 'n' roll from Australian rockers Airbourne. The single's got a pretty old school 80s metal sound and the band look the part; big hair, stupidly wide guitar playing stances, painfully tight trousers and for a band that range in age from 18 to 22 the shouty high pitched vocals sound like they are sung by someone in their late forties, weird.

Overall, the single isn't very inspiring stuff; it has some moderately heavy riffs and some clichéd, husky metal vocals but it always stays on the safe side of the rock fence, never trying to do anything different or exciting. Unfortunately 'Runnin' Wild' never really gets going; the tune and riffs sound too familiar, like something you've heard a thousand times before, so it's not very memorable and gets boring seriously quickly.