Sparkling Charm

Electrelane's current claim to fame is that they have been chosen to support Arcade Fire on their European dates. The similarities between the two groups are instantly apparent; the chiming riffs and climactic percussion steadily building beneath ethereal and abstract vocals that meander freely across these continents of sounds, crossing genres as they go. The vocal side is not far from a lilting folk melody, but vibrant guitars create a visceral indie feel. 'To The East' skips delicately through your aural passages leaving a silken trail of pleasure that will draw you back to the band.

B-side, 'Caroline Wren' is an adorable number featuring, yes indeed, a wren cooing over a blissful synth track and sparkling keys with such gossamer exuberance that it feels like they might sprout wings and fly too. Electrelane don't have the same heart wrenching emotional pull that Arcade Fire proffer, but their music is beautiful, captivating and doesn't deserve to be pitted against such a dynamic established act in its very first breaths.