Rock and indeed roll!

Already this month BRMC have wowed UK fans up and down the land on a headline tour, as well as playing two storming sets at the Camden Crawl. Now new album 'Baby 81' is about to hit shops and is likely to bring this band crashing right back into the consciousness of rock fans across the world.

BRMC were built up to be America's next big thing in the early part of their career, something that I found them not to be totally comfortable with when I interviewed them back in march. This meeting also told me that BRMC are quietly focused and are ready to hit the ground running and, after the experiment of a new musical direction on their last record, it's back to what we've always known and some of us have loved.

I'd love to be able to tell you how good, bad or indifferent this album is, but sadly I only have the pleasure of hearing five songs, one of which is the first single. 'Weapon of Choice' is, as you probably already know, the kind of rock anthem that BRMC have always been capable of writing and is already turning into a big live favourite.

'Berlin' is the stand out of the other four. Irresistible guitar rifts dominate a powerful and catchy slab of straight up rock n' roll, a better "we're back" statement you couldn't wish to find.

'Not What You Wanted' is a little quieter but no less gritty and has massive hit single branded across it's forehead in very big letters.

Coming hot on the heels of the first three tracks, and not being that different in style, 'Need Some Air' takes a listen or two to get under your skin but, despite not bringing much new to an already rocking party, works well as a stand alone track.

Which leads me onto the final song, 'Window. A piano intro instantly makes you sit up and notice, as does the more blues based feel. The production on this record is very live, and on 'Window' this stands out the most. You could almost be standing in the backroom of a pub watching them play it in front of a very small and tightly pakced crowd.

So with this as a taster for what's to come 'Baby 81' looks to be an album well worth checking out.