Winning Over The Haters

For some reason Lostprophets are a band some people love to hate. Whether it's because of their primed to within a inch of perfection haircuts or their ability to pose with an arrogance to offend, the boys from Pontypridd tend to breed more haters than lovers. There's just one snag to this though and that's their ability to churn out infectious hits that snake their way into your hearts and minds before you know what's hit you. Yes, Ian Watkins and his merry men are what you could call a British Fall Out Boy; the band your head says no to but yet your feet can't resist incessantly tapping along with and your voice can't fail but sing along to. Sure, your head may say no but in the end your heart wins so you may as well surrender now.

Strapping a cracking rock anthem to lyrics strewn in sensitivity, Lostprophets latest release, '4 AM Forever' is longing to be accompanied by a flurry of lighters held aloft and swaying to Watkins' forlorn lyrics. Within the first line of the song Watkins manages to not merely tug but to yank full force at your heart strings as he fatalistically croons, "Yesterday I lost my closest friend", guaranteeing that even the burliest of brutes is left with a quivering lip and leaving everyone open for the onslaught of the 'Prophets anthemic honed prowess as '4 AM Forever' transforms brilliantly from a gentle dose of sensitivity to a full blown rock ballad with an extra helping of all the key anthem ingredients. Wretched and woe betide enough to have you fighting back the tears but packing a hefty rock punch to insure you're pounding your fists in triumph, '4 AM Forever' is the reason why you should never turn your backs on the Welsh rockers, after all sometimes it's simply better to follow your heart.