An Anthem Of Sorts

It's hard to review a track that's it's impossible for any worldy music listener to have avoided, all you need to do is turn on the radio or TV and this Bloc Party hit would surely be blasting its way, with slide guitars and renewed vigour. A reminiscent lament for a missed opportunity, the mellow chiming verse and vividly reflective chorus are instantly memorable. "You should have asked me for it/ I would have been brave". Busy bass manoeuvres and icey guitars create a delightful sonic sensation, and it's hard to say anything against this well-structured tune, but is simply a little too pleasant and lacks the outlandish spark that would make it a real stunner.

Admittedly 'I Still Remember' is a strange choice of single even to fans, it's glassy tones are charming but the simpering chorus is a little too mediocre for the constant airplay; it requires a truly original single to not bore you after the 5th inadvertent listen of the day.