Reign of Latino-Metal Kings Continues

'Look At Me Now' has always been a personal favourite from Breed 77's 2006 release In My Blood. The song shows the band make full use of a piano to deepen the emotions expressed. A passionate affair complete with spiralling guitars, the song begs you to sing along loudly. Epic? Certainly. This is the kind of song that grips at your heart and tugs ferociously. Beautiful melodic vocals collide with powerful and driven guitars. If anything, the lack of their normal Latino-tinged sound adds to the effect of this song, proving that the band do not need their influences to support their music.

However, it is second track 'Zombie' that really stands out. Having heard the cover live last year in Birmingham, the recorded version does a surprisingly good job of standing up against the ferocious power displayed on stage. It is worth buying the single just for this one song.

Also included are Spanish versions of 'La Ultima Hora' (originally found on 2004's Cultura) and 'Petroleo', the album opener from In My Blood- both fantastic tracks and a brilliant taste of what you can expect from their all-spanish album Un Encuentro, due for release on May 7.

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