Fizzing With Indie Pop Excitement

Amongst all the other gawky indie kids, The Noisettes sound out like a sore thumb, it could be because of singer Shingai Shoniwa's effortless style (she's pictured on the sleeve in leopard print tights, a t-shirt and an indian headdress), but it's mostly down to the band's ferocious and vibrant sound. 'Scratch Your Name' has a jerky and impulsive rhythm, with impromptu guitar solos kicking in between melodic choruses to shake up the listener's expectations. Fizzing with edgy pop vibes and grinding guitar gusto, this is the kind of tune that should whip festival crowds into a frenzy, just as well as the band are set to play the Lost Vagueness Tent at Glastonbury.

If you want funky indie, you need look no further than The Noisettes for guidance and tunes that shudder under the weight of their own coolness!