Floors and Walls- What can we do today?

Following the trend set by recent East Londoners, floors and walls bring us their brilliant debut album "What can we do today?" Bringing modern antics to music is happening within the circuit, with Jamie T, Dizzee Rascal, Lily Allen and the Streets continuing to perform to sold out venues and in comparison, Floors and Walls look set to complete the list of success stories amounting from this particular genre of music.

"Boracic Man (The poor song)", "Tracey" and "Harder than it seems" are the albums highlights, contemplating geekish tendencies and empty bank accounts. Accompanying "And I don't understand, and I don't remember how the fuck I ended up here" with simplistic guitar rhythm allowing the witty lyrics that are present throughout the album to come across. Crossing between the genres of British Hip Hop, rap and urban, Floors and Walls provide a humorous outlook on life and in most cases women. At points, especially in third track "What to Do", a Just Jack resemblance appears, appealing to the more eclectic music taste lovers or just in general, the more open minded.

It amazes me how the one vocalist can change to suit any pitch required throughout the album, even questioning if he is covering all the notes. You are never bored of the vocals because they are forever changing and his original state is unique anyway. Although a more urban, hip hop style album, rock and Indie fans would most definitely be forgiven for adding this CD to their collection.

The album is a good debut album, showing independence and maturity throughout, gaining the correct balance and exceeding all my expectations of a band titled "Floors and Walls".