Floor show

It seems nowadays anyone thinks they can break into the big time by churning out lame bog-standard mod-punk while semi-rapping (I use that term loosely) over the top. I would blame Mike Skinner aka The Streets for this unwelcome phenomenon but that would be akin to holding Kurt Cobain responsible for the loathsome Nickelback. As if Jamie T a.k.a. the most over-hyped act in recent months wasn't bad enough (this reviewer certainly can't fathom out his appeal) we've got these chancers to contend with now too.

The nominal "A" side could be dismissed as youthful folly i.e. it's alright in a knockabout way, maybe lad rock fans will hold it close to their bosom but then the band further endear/enrage with their unique (for "unique" read: ham-fisted) cover of the Beastie Boys classic "Sabotage". No doubt these musical reprobates will be huge in twelve months time but this writer isn't prepared to fan the flames of hype.