More playdays than personal.

Tim Ten Yen comes with a reputation. Lauded by BBC 6Music's Steve Lamacq, and endorsed by Radio One's Rob Da Bank, the pre-listen signs show potential. His music professes to be "genuinely happy", and he is dedicated to this cause.

'Girl Number One' then is full of promise, leading with a cute introduction which rings true to the happy music claim. What follows though is some sort of 80s/90s crossover confusion of a pop song. In fact it's like waking up with the telly on one morning and discovering their repeating Playdays episodes from ten years ago. Except a whole lot less educational.

Tales about a girl are accompanied by a reggae backdrop and it certainly does raise a smile. This is simple, happy music which would be easy to listen to if the artist's voice was less children's TV.

Tim Ten Yen proclaims to be sincere, which may appeal to some, but he is probably more likely to hold appeal with the kooky student audience desperate to cling onto the 'good old days'. And they'd probably just download his songs for free anyway.