Grab It While You Can

Marilyn Manson's break up with Dita Von Teese has received more talk than his music recently but that's all about to change because Marilyn is back with a brand new single 'Heart Shaped Glasses'

'Heart Shape Glasses' is the lead single from the upcoming album 'Eat Me, Drink Me'. The single marks a transformation for Marilyn Manson, he is actually singing and this is easily the most melodic track he has ever released.

Fans of his old work may struggle to come to terms with this melodic new sound, but it's still punchy enough not to be stale and boring. The new sound is bound to find him some new fans and we could possible see Marilyn Manson make one of the biggest comebacks of 2007.

It's said that this single will be of strictly limited release, rumour has it that it will be in the shops for a week then deleted so if you want a copy you'd better grab it while you can.