Number Crunching

Josh Homme and co return with '3's & 7's', which follows on from the download only single 'Sick, Sick, Sick' as a precursor to the forthcoming album 'Era Vulgaris'.

This just gets better every time you hear it, it's definitely a grower and once you pay proper attention you realise just how many different parts there are to it. Beginning with a lighter riff it's fairly standard fare early on but then you get a little bridge followed by a little solo and it really grabs the interest. After the second verse it all gets a bit heavier and just goes off on one! Just as you wonder where it's going next there's more solo work from both bass & guitar, which builds to an abrupt ending.

Admittedly it took a few listens to really get into it but it was worth the effort and is close enough in style to previous offerings to please existing fans. The release of the album should see Queens of the Stone Age propelled back into the limelight and deservedly so.