Queens Of The Stone Age - Era Vulgaris

With the release of 'Lullabies To Paralyzed' many critics took it upon themselves to talk about how QOTSA had changed their sound after the departure of Nick Oliveri rather than look at the bigger picture, the album actually touched on a lot of areas that their previous material had touched. 'Era Vulgaris' is filled with similar irony to the previous album.

The album opens with an incredible riff on 'Turnin' On The Screw' which is the prefect introduction to the rest of the album. Like all QOTSA albums it features guest appearances from other musicians, The Strokes Julian is apparently singing lead on 'Sick, Sick, Sick' but it's impossible to hear. Josh Homme has got his stamp all over this album, I can't hear anyone else's sound. 'Sick, Sick, Sick' is a great little track, but it loses steam in the chorus when everyone half-heartedly sings, it's kind of like they're scared of their own voices, they don't want to sing too loud or hit a bum note. 'Suture Up Your Future' shows a softer, more delicate side to Homme and it is actually quite nice to listen to. 'Make It Wit Chu' is lifted from the last 'Desert Sessions' disc and this straight up blues-rock number is actually one of the albums highlights. Although 'Make It Wit Chu' is sincere, anyone who has heard QOTSA music knows that their better at sarcasm than sincerity and this album is packed full of smart arsed comments.

'Era Vulgaris' is full of punchy basslines, ripping guitar riffs, big rock choruses and sexually charged lyrics, it's a little more pop orientated than previous releases but the chilled out vocals and impressive guitar work mean that is still instantly recognisable as Queens Of The Stone Age.

QOTSA seem to want to cover too much ground with 'Era Vulgaris' there are points where the band lose focus and direction. Apart from that flaw it's another good album from the Queens Of The Stone Age lads.