October File - A Munitions Crusade

It's not often that single songs are up for review, let alone in a genre so single-phobic as metal, so therefore I jumped at the chance to see what the new Candlelight band October File have to offer with their new song 'A Munitions Crusade'. Luckily, they hit the mark more than they miss it.

Musically speaking 'A Munitions Crusade' sounds the progeny of a one night stand between death metal, punk and hardcore and yet somehow manages to avoid just being tagged as generic 'metalcore'. The vocals on display are interesting, somewhere between the usual metal harsh vocals and a croak with a few hardcore elements thrown in, and I don't mean interesting in a bad way, something new like this in a genre saturated with samey-ness is always welcome.

Overall this is a solid track from October File, and one that makes me interested to hear more from them. Whilst I can't say I am keen on the hardcore elements in October File's sound, this is definitely a band to keep your eyes on in the metal scene in coming months.