Either way, its lovely.

'Either Way' is the opening track from Wilcos current album 'Sky Blue Sky' and as befitting the first song on such an optimistically titled album, the song is a warm and welcoming track that works as part of the album and as a stand-alone piece. Which is just as well as it would have made a bad choice as a single if it didn't.

Jeff Tweedy's laid-back vocals help rouse the track to life with a very quite and polite backing behind him, the quiet piano picks sit well with a very subtle bassline and other organ sounds.

Lyrically it's also upbeat and optimistic, hoping for the sun to shine and for the protagonist to feel unafraid and that "everything has its plan, either way". The song is indicative of the straightforward approach that Tweedy has taken to lyrics this time around, Wilco were a band who often hid behind twisted meanings and hidden subtleties but this time around, the meanings of the songs are a bit more obvious.

This summer the band's UK festival appearances have centred on more left-field shows like Glasgow Indian Summer or Latitude, which may indicate the band has accepted they are better serving the more alternative or quieter market events as opposed to the major party trips. Then again, their successful appearance at Spain Benicassim would suggest that the band isn't heading for the pipe and slippers just yet.

Its not going to grab anyone by the throat or be a massive single in the manner of previous Wilco tracks like 'A Shot In The Arm' or 'I'm The Man Who Loves You' but it still works in its own sweet way and given the chance of airplay, should be found happily sitting on the radio.