From minor to major!

Yes, I know that it is a cliché, but Elliot Minor are like a breath of fresh air, mixing up electro-rock with pop/punk giving them a big and commercial sound without losing any integrity. Sometimes it is amazing to think that these boys come from modest old Blighty, and when I first heard that they were from York, I assumed that editorial had missed the word 'New' that surely should've been in front!

There is no doubting that 'Parallel Worlds' was a great song, and this single, 'Jessica' follows on from that in it's mid-tempo range with simple verses comprising of melodic vocals over chunky bass lines, and feverous guitars and majestic keyboards. Apparently it was written after a Jessica Alba movie marathon, something that the boys can only be applauded for, and so inspired them to write a song about her – any possibly an excuse to dwell on her fine curves forever more...

There is something a little bit Good Charlotte about Elliot Minor with the way they take very melodic instruments like keyboards and strings, and make them ballsy, whilst producing anthems. Of course for me I feel GC have musically lost the plot recently whereas Elliot Minor seem to know the direction to take things.

The song is produced by Jim Wirt, who has most recently knob-twiddled with Incubus and Something Corporate, and also mixed by Neal Avron (Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park). I suspect that this will be a grower, as even after a handful of listens I am already humming it. It's not the usual punk rock that I favour, but you know what? It's good stuff!