Scaring All Into Submission

Snarling and spitting with contempt The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster are here to give their own unique spin on the story of Adam and Eve with added venom and menace. Swathed in sleaze and spawning innuendos from every stonking blues addled riff, 'In The Garden' smoulders beyond recognition and would make a porn star feel violated and unclean as the band weave a temptingly seductive tale that climaxes in so animalistic wails.

Continuing with the funk fuelled theme, the Brighton quintet haul into the bizarrely named 'You Say You're A Doctor But You're Really A Mister' with machine gun drums that zoom past in competition with the adrenalin packed vocals. Whether true or not, 'Horses Can Swim' sees the band heading unbelieving down the weird and eccentric path as the track starts to sound like something usually sung at rituals at Stonehenge whilst 'Terrible Night' is a thrashing threat intent on taking no prisoners as it rages past spectacularly.

Weirdly engaging with a primeval spirit clawing its way out of every beat The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster are here to scare all into submission and prove to would be Goth rockers what it really takes to be a creature of the night. Take position behind the sofa and prepare to be terrified and thrilled all at once.