The Dead 60s - Stand Up

Liverpudlian rockers The Dead 60s are making a comeback in 2007, they have a new album called 'Time To Take Sides' out at the end of the year, but for now they've given us a preview of what to expect with their new single 'Stand Up'.

Having toured with the likes of Green Day, 'Stand Up' is exactly what you would expect from The Dead 60s. 'Stand Up' is catchy and punky, the song is pretty simple, you can imagine it being the end product of a Punk Rock For Dummies book. From listening you can hear that the band is influenced by the Californian music scene and you'll soon find yourself nodding along to the beat.

'Stand Up' shows a more mature side to their music, the track seems more meaningful than previous releases, the feeling behind the song is now projected through their lyrics rather than their instrumental work. 'Stand Up' is a great comeback single and I'm looking forward to hearing their new album.