For good country folk.

With a name that conjures up thoughts of musical and film history and an obvious family link, there has certainly been a lot written about Elvis Perkins and many people may be aware of the artist, if not his music. 'While You Were Sleeping' offers as good as place as any to sit up and pay attention to the brand of lo-fi country folk sound that should ensure the column inches keep coming for the artist.

The single is the opening track on Perkins debut record, a collection of chronologically ordered songs written before and after the 9/11 attacks, particularly poignant as Perkins mother died on one of the planes and the air of the single definitely has a downbeat edge.

Acts like Willy Mason have proved that acoustic leanings and wistful vocals needn't be a barrier to indie-level success in the UK and theres every chance that Perkins will reap the same rewards and acclaim that Mason has. The main chorus line has a bit of pep to it and the pace throughout is quite enjoyable. It may be a marginal genre, and one that's unlikely to be found on Radio1 or local radio but the strum-along tempo of the track allows it to be liked and nodded along to easily and the Americana twang of Perkins vocal delivery can't take anything away from the single. The horn inclusion after 5 minutes adds another dimension and although it's a lengthy track, it definitely doesn't overstay its welcome.

With the single package offering three songs and clocking in over 17 minutes, the value for money matches the quality of the music on show and 'While You Were Sleeping' may just be a dream introduction to Elvis Perkins for many people.