King Blues Come Fi Di Youth

Effortlessly combining raw folk and candid punk-rock with a prominent reggae leaning, 'Come Fi Di Youth' is the mesmerising debut single from rising underground stars, the King Blues. Formed in 2004, the band quickly amassed a legion of fans drawn in by both their honest sentiments and the outspoken backing of Radio One DJs Mike Davies and Zane Lowe. Teetering on the edge of mainstream popularity, 'Come Fi Di Youth' looks set to be the catalyst that launches the band into the public eye.

Immediately encapsulating, 'Come Fi Di Youth' is an overtly political rallying cry against the indoctrination of the youth by organisations like the BNP. The King Blues' clear social-unitary agenda manifests itself in the slurred but heartfelt anti-racist lyrics ("They come to take away my libertiesBut round here we nah want no stinkin' B.N.P."). Though the verses can be hard to decipher at first, the unmistakable chorus, "I see them coming for the youth, and me say no lord", is instantly accessible to the casual listener, fulfilling the group's promise to cross divisions and include everyone.

Sonically, 'Come Fi Di Youth' draws heavily on the band's reggae influences whilst still providing an outlet for their punk attitude and folk flavour. Hypnotising the listener with a repeated walking bassline, chopping acoustic guitar and hauntingly melodic harmonica fills, the song has a sombre ambiance, similar to the Specials' hit 'Ghost Town', which draws the listener in and forces them to pay attention.

With racial tensions escalating in certain parts of the country, 'Come Fi Di Youth' is a poignantly potent anthem, diverse yet accessible, and poised to become a very important song.