Maps =The Next Immense Thing

Mercury-Nominated 'Maps' release "You Don't Know Her Name"; a sugar-coated single, drenched in musical splendour and sheer genius; capturing a frivolous pop-rock sound, in the process.

Everyone was surprised when they were announced among the shortlist for the highly sought after album honours for 2007, the Nationwide Mercury Music Prize. Now we know, more than ever, why they were nominated.

Sampling Kasabian, Klaxons and Snow Patrol at the same time, the finished product is a track overflowing with weird Electronica sounds, a Patrol-esque faint vocalism and the makings of a pop-rock hit.

Maps are showing, in this track, that they have the ability to become timeless music legends. They are attempting to be the soundtrack to the present modern age we live in. Trying to create a distinctive, terrific sound; and succeeding.