Thoroughly Disappointing.

Welsh indie rock veterans Super Furry Animals returned this August with their new studio album 'Hey Venus!', the first release from which is this track 'Show Your Hand'. Despite moderate radio airplay, this single failed to chart inside the Top 40 (a first for the Furries) and, to be honest, it comes as no surprise.

Upon first listen, I was convinced this track would be a grower, that slowly over time I would warm to it and begin singing its praises as well as its chorus. However, several listens later I found myself just as detached and unexcited by it as on the first listen. This isn't to say that it's a bad song, in fact it is very pleasant and relaxed throughout, and I'm sure hardcore 'Furries' fans are much more likely to take to it. Nonetheless, there is just nothing here for replay value, nothing for the listener to get their teeth into. Unfortunately once you've heard this song, it instantly disappears from your thoughts, rather than the tunes that rattle around your head for days, imploring you to buy them. Perhaps this is why it didn't perform well in the charts. On the whole this is thoroughly disappointing, I expected much better.