Electro-Scots rock your socks off!

Darkwater are a hard rock band with an elecrto edge, and a slight retro 80's feel to them. Coming out of Glasgow, and fronted by Lora Therese, who is incidentally an alternative model, from Newcastle, '1920' is the bands second single, one that was mixed in LA by metal legend Scott Ian from Anthrax.

Starting off with an electro-industrial beat, '1920' is a powerful rock song that is a cross between Transvision Vamp, Peaches, Garbage and Pink set to a Marilyn Manson backbeat. It's a good mid-tempo song that is catchy-enough for an MTV generation but alternative enough to keep the interests of the emo fashion kids interested.

'Left Behind' for me is a slightly stronger song with gentle verses that have thumping beats and metal riffs, it's soft in places and a rocking anthem in others. It's a song that grows better with each play thrusting Darkwater out there ahead of any competition.

We then have a live version of, 'Find What We Take' that was recorded at ABC Glasgow. The only difference is that it's recorded slightly quieter than the other two songs, and for me the song isn't one of their best.

Darkwater have shared the stage with many good bands such as, The Damned, Primal Scream, Wolfmother, Dog Eat Dog and Hayseed Dixie which shows a level of experience with a wide range of audience. Things could well get better for these electr-warriors...