Wise Words?

A beat so tight it cuts of circulation, zinging effects and slicing social commentary; yes it's another Hard-Fi single. Sadly Hard-Fi's new material has been eclipsed by talk of their new artwork, their new album, for example will feature the words "No Cover Art", which you have to admit is a pretty hypocritical publicity stunt, this particular promo single features an even more irritating slogan, "RARE PROMO COPY. NOT TO BE SOLD TO MUSIC AND VIDEO EXCHANGE BY PRIVILEGED RECORD COMPANY WORKERS". So indeed, it seems that Hard-Fi are out on a mission to be controversial by offending record company workers and writers, most of whom really wouldn't consider themselves too "privileged", but to avoid falling for this cynical ploy we won't discuss that anymore.

The single itself is punchy and features a catchy chorus with rumbling vocal harmonies, while the edgy electro-ridden verse is sharp and spears your ear canals open to Richard Archer's latest discourse. The thick electro build up has an epic feel, like a street level version of Muse's amateur dramatics, matched with the usual Hard-Fi fair.