iLiKETRAiNS– the Deception

From the outset 'the Deception' is upbeat and sounds like it's going to be an interesting track to listen to. Then the vocals kick in and so does the disappointment.

Style wise this has all the elements to make a great tune. The sounds released are great to listen to and the instrumental especially is crammed with various riffs and beats to entertain. However, where the instrumentation is upbeat and shows a lot of potential, Dave Martin's brooding vocals are deep and a little dreary, and at times sound kind of satanic.

The song is meant to be about how determination and courage can distract a person from their instincts. Well the vocals here can also distract...distract an individual of how sane they are. Can this really be called singing? Singing means harmonies and tempos, being able to push your vocals to entertain. This one is not singing, is blabbering on and on to the point where the listener will lose interest.