Two and a half minutes of delicate intenstity.

PJ Harvey requires no introduction, but in case any readers have been living under a hedge for the past twenty years I will present a potted history. Beginning her musical career officially in 1991 with debut single 'Dress' PJ Harvey has since gone on to record and release eight albums; all of which posess their own individual sound yet remain true to Polly Jean's distinct musical vision and are put together with an intensity and delicacy in sound and lyrics rarely matched.

'When Under Ether' is a short but bittersweet introduction to the latest twist PJ Harvey has placed on her sound. Piano-driven with a distinct absence of guitar, it is a gentle yet dark piece characterized by soft breathy vocals; and the heady, sleepy atmosphere its title would suggest. According to its press release 'When Under Ether' should also be accompanied by B-side 'Wait', one of PJ Harvey's earliest recordings; however it has neglected to be included on the promo copy so this reviewer cannot comment further except to say she is disappointed not to be given the chance to hear it. Pared-down single release or not, this two and half minute track manages to still whet appetites as PJ Harvey proves she has limitless originality and talent.