The re-release of classic album 'Mother Earth'.

There are some albums in the world of gothic metal that should and always will be considered classics, such albums should contain atmosphere, haunting melodies, incredible metal riffs, epic and rolling orchestrated tracks and of course the siren-like majestic presence of a female singer. Most of the leading ladies of metal will find one of their bands releases considered to be one of these and now Within Temptation see their record 'Mother Earth' re-released via Roadrunner records September the 24th with four previously unreleased live tracks and luscious new art work.

Within Temptation have everything to offer, with the beautiful Sharon Den Adel's captivating and eerie voice fronting the band, and 'Mother Earth' is still regarded their most majestic and beloved release by many and it's not hard to see why. From the grandiose orchestration of 'Mother Earth' and 'Ice Queen' to the brooding and sultry tones of 'Caged' and 'The Promise' and vocal focused ballads 'Our Farewell' and 'Never Ending Story' it is an epic album beautifully written and performed full of majesty and grace. Even better then hearing them on records is to see them live, their hugely successful shows are nothing short of spectacular with amazing leafy sets and awe inspiring stage presence given off by the entire band, Sharon's voice easily capable of carrying across even the largest of arenas. Within Temptation are hugely successful in Europe, particularly in Belgium and the Netherlands (their homeland) and over here with 'Mother Earth' alone reaching Platinum status. They now turn their sights to the US with the release of their latest album 'The Heart of Everything'.

The live tracks on this re-release are absolutely wonderful, beautifully remastered so that you really do feel like you are there at the performance itself. The live version of the chilling 'Ice Queen' is absolutely stunning, brought in by the excellent crowd interaction that Sharon Den Adel has and then powerful riffs take over as she bursts into full song, her piercing shrill voice cutting through the air as if she herself were the queen of winter with her chilling song. The sound quality of the recording is also excellent, so clean it picks up even the smallest and quietest cymbal crash from the drums and intricately depicting all the supporting orchestration to re-create the exhilarating experience that is a Within Temptation concert.

The live version of 'Deceiver of Fools' is also chilling with an intro hauntingly introduced with Sharon's voice at its most expressive, delivered with an agonistic mood and real passion. 'Deceiver of Fools' is one of the best loved tracks on the album and so it is delivered with extra enthusiasm and power, the drumming and guitar riffs as sharp as the autumn air. Sharon Den Adel's voice is on form as always and the atmosphere created by the band is absolutely thrilling.

For fans who do not already have this album it is the perfect opportunity to hear Within Temptation's earlier music and become immersed in its beauty and spectacular sound, for those that do, the improved cover art and the live tracks will make it worth re-buying but there is no denying that either way, 'Mother Earth' is and always will be a classic album.