The Noisettes- The Count Of Monte Christo

The Noisettes fired onto our scene a fair few months back with the fantastic release of their debut album "What's the Time Mr Wolf". Britain's equivalent to the critically acclaimed Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Noisettes release their new single "The Count Of Monte Christo" featuring remixes from Get Cape and First Man on the 3rd September.

Although a huge Get Cape fan, the album version of this track is better, livelier- a continuation of what we have grown to expect from this wonderful three piece. Be it merely for your idolization of lead singer Shingai- arguably the sexiest woman in pop and her home-made shoes, The Noisettes are a difficult band to dislike.

The release isn't as strong as debut "Sister Rosetta" or other hits "Scratch your name" and "Bridge to Canada" but it's still part of the phenomenal package. Perhaps I was biased before it even began?