Theres some 'Damage' here.

All apologies to Dolly Parton.

"Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, I'm begging of you, please break up
your band
Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, the success you had I will never
You're serving up commercial fare, the singers locks of auburn hair
You've been away but we don't care where they've been
Your electronic bleeps are trite, the equal of the words you write
And apart from that, what else do you have Kosheen?

Theres anger there in every word, its fair to say theres been some hurt
But an albums worth is far too much Kosheen
Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, the blandness makes it all seem quite a
Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, the Sneaker Pimps had done it all
My unhappiness is down to you, I never thought I'd be so blue
From an album but you've made this true Kosheen
That's time I'm never getting back, good songs is what the album
But the singer, well she can sing a bit Kosheen

I had to write down this review, somehow got to get it through
Your time is up and we wont miss you Kosheen
Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, yes Sian has strength in what
she sings
Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, Kosheen, it's a pity the words don't
mean a thing"

So there you have it, rather than properly reviewing the latest Kosheen album, a decision was made that it would be better for everyone that Dolly Partons 'Jolene' (although The White Stripes version was the one we based it around) should be used as a template for the Kosheen review. An extremely weak link based on the names rhyming but albums have been based on weaker links so why not?

Is it as bad as the poorly written text suggests? In a word, yes, its unfeasible why they would come back with the exact same stuff and believe it would turn around their flagging career. Yet again, everything of interest in left in the hands of lead singer Sian Evans as the other two band members take up the role of 'Sleeper-bloke' playing their lazy Trip-Hop that sounds as though it was created 10 years ago. At over 70 minutes, its far too long and it really re-enforces the idea that Kosheen are extremely one-paced and have one trick up their sleeve. In attempting to bridge the gap between dance and rock, they've fallen between both stools and don't really inspire much excitement. The diehards have already been converted but its difficult to imagine anyone else falling in love with this album.