Sweet tunes.

I Was a Cub Scout's latest single is sweet poppy emo, but it's also clever, jagged and off kilter. Todd Marriott and William Bowerman the duo behind I Was A Cub Scout manage to infuse their tunes with electro bleeps, synths, guitar and drums amongst other things, producing more noise than many bands with twice the number of members.

Both tunes on this single are melodic pop tunes with a melancholy edge. The lead track, 'Our Smallest Adventures' is slightly reminiscent of The Postal Service, a danceable beat is overlaid with electro noises and a catchy, uplifting and anthemic chorus that stays with you for ages after you've heard it. 'Bless You' throws you off with its awkward rhythm during the quiet moments, but it draws you back with emotional and tuneful crescendos.