Against Me! - Thrash Unreal

Floridian favourites Against Me! are set to return to the UK in October on a headlining tour, but before that they're releasing their new single 'Thrash Unreal'.

The first thing I notice about 'Thrash Unreal' is that it's slightly more poppy than the Against Me! sound I am used to, don't get me wrong I'm not saying that they've gone all McFly on us, but their sound is definitely lighter but it really works. To be honest if I didn't know 'Thrash Unreal' was by Against Me! I would have thought it was an Offspring track. There's a nice opening riff and frontman Tom Gabel's vocals are the real driving power behind this release.

'Thrash Unreal' is a straight rock track and is very different to what fans have come to expect, but I think that it's good to see that these guys have pushed the boundaries a little bit. It may not be an instant hit with fans but after a couple of listens they'll grow to love it, and I'm sure it will bring a lot of new listeners to the band too.