Sensual Indie Stimulation

Ex Delagados singer Emma Pollock declares that she, "loves pop music that's done intelligently" and this is exactly what she's accomplished in her critically acclaimed solo debut, 'Watch The Fireworks'. Complex lullabies like 'The Optimist' thrive on the tensions in any human relationship, building complex webs of intrigue that draw the listener in.

From the pleasant, subtle but quirky delights of tunes like, 'New Land', a smooth and relaxed number that makes the most of Emma's rich, warm vocals, to the warm, optimistic swell of, 'Paper and Glue', Emma's tunes are full of stories that unwind with spellbinding ease. If you like gentle indie that fills you will fuzzy happiness, then Emma Pollock may be the one to brighten up your day.

'Adrenaline' is a gripping 5 minute epic starting with blissful piano chords and transforming into an anguished chorus, moving from sunshine to showers with the slick ease of her hometown's weather! Luckily sunshine seems to shine from the glossy, 'Here Comes The Heartbreak', a tune that ironically sings, "Here comes the hollow", but with a thoroughly mellow guitar backing with a real skip in its step. Another one for cheerier climes, 'This Rope's Getting Tighter' is a woozy and wistful tune that reminds you of lazy Sunday mornings and contemplative days when everything seems to go by too fast!

'Watch The Fireworks' is a powerful concoction of finely crafted tunes from a beautiful singer. Pollock's work has already caused plenty of fireworks in her home town of Glasgow and she's sure to soon become as much of a national treasure as the likes of Belle and Sebastian.