Nothing Meaningful or Exciting

Some bands manage to carry on for years without deteriorating in quality, while others should really lie back and look at their impressive back catalogue and the influence they had when they first came on the scene and rest accomplished before their efforts get muddied. Stereophonics fall into the latter if their latest tune is anything to go by, 2005's ' Language. Sex. Violence. Other?' did seem to indicate a return to form, but 'It Means Nothing' is as meaningful and likely to stick in your mind as, nothing.

It's a sort of warbling misty coffee table tale with no real substance and lyrics that are trying to give insight, "You can find yourself a God, Believe in which one you want", but just end up boring. As a lead single, this is a pretty lacklustre effort, it wouldn't even make good music to wash upto; you'd be wanting to drown yourself in the soapsuds. None of this diminishes the fact that Kelly Jones can write great songs; this just isn't one of them!