Dashboard Confessional – Thick As Thieves

The first single from the new album 'The Shade Of Poison Trees is a nice return to form for Dashboard Confessional AKA Chris Carrabba. It's another gentle and shrill heart aching pop song that makes Dashboard so appealing to teenage girls and anyone really who's feeling like they need a good cry.

It is a mid –tempo track which makes the single slightly less saddening but then again it does contain the typically metaphorical lyrical content that has become a feature of past work. 'I don't break easily' is something that sounds so very familiar.

To be honest Thick As Thieves is not a far cry from anything that Chris Carrabba has worked on, this song could quite easily fit on 'A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar'. It won't alienate anyone but it won't stand to attention either. As I said before it was a nice return to form, just nice.