A Certain Fan Favourite

Hurrah! We can now all go out and buy new Jimmy Eat World material.

Their new, Butch Vig produced album 'Chase This Light' debuted inside the top thirty after it's first week of sales, and the lead single and LP opener 'Big Casino' is out this week (Oct 22).

Jimmy Eat World have always written belting rock anthems, their two sets at Leeds Festival this year only went and showed us what great strength in depth this band have throughout their back catalogue. 'Big Casino' fits the radio friendly hit record tag perfectly, think something in the mould of Foo Fighters or Feeder at their most polished, yet it's unmistakably Jimmy Eat World.

This may not be their most catchy song to date, but it ain't far off and will soon worm its' way under your skin. It's not their most aggressive either despite initially giving the impression it might be with a fantastic powerful intro, but there's enough of a pop rock blend to make this pleasing to the ears of those coming at their rock from different angles.

If I'm honest, on hearing this song at the aforementioned Leeds Fest, it didn't exactly grab me, but then it did have to wrestle for space inside my brain alongside so many of the classics. Having had the chance to play it on repeat a few times, 'Big Casino' certainly stands up to be counted as a future firm fan favourite.