The Dog's .........

The Boss is back with The E Street Band and not before time, this is their first combined album since 2002's Grammy winning 'The Rising', and on listening to this album I am able to predict the same result more Grammys on their way.

How can I describe this album?? Nothing more than orgasmic, this is Springsteen and The E Street Band back at their brilliant best. This album is certainly a reminder why The Boss can fill stadia around the world, this is an album of non stop high energy rock and my God it is mighty fine.

This album is the real follow up to that seminal 1984 (is it really that long ago?) album "Born In The USA", just like it introduced Springsteen to the teens of the eighties this will do the same in the noughties. This album is just so up tempo high energy ball busting brillaint Rock 'n'Roll.

There is not one track you could say that does not stand out, as they all do for different reasons. I mean the album kicks off with the high tempo of 'Radio Nowhere' and slides easily into 'You'll Be Comin' Down' keeping up all that high energy. When listening to this album I just wanted to get my air guitar out and be Springsteen in front of his amassed fans.

This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but this is like an up beat poppy rock album, as I have already said similar to 'Born In The USA'. This album is just so much fun, and different to his last two albums, which were more bluegrass and folk music driven.

Once again Springsteen proves that he is an intelligent lyricist especially when tackling thorny subjects like the Iraq War in 'Last To Die' and for me 'Devil's Arcade' is the standout track on the album and probably the sort of track you would expect from Springsteen.

As Springsteen heads towards 60 he is still banging out tunes that are far superior to anything alot of people half his age can produce. Looking at the album charts on both sides of the atlantic at the moment there is plenty of rubbish out there to buy and listen too. But if you get a copy of this album you will not regret it, this is definately the best album of 2007.