Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light

After the success of their previous album and a great achievement at the Reading and Leeds Festival, Jimmy Eat World are now releasing their sixth studio album. Butch Vig, whose previous works include Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins, produced 'Chase This Light' and has done a wonderful job in bringing the talents of the lads together.

The album shows some very talented performances on all accounts. The vocals from Jim Adkins are amazing and energy driven through the entirety of the album. There are times where guest vocalists accompany Adkins, Amy Ross for example on 'Let It Happen', creating an even more exciting blend of vocal ability.

Harmonies that are formed through vocal combinations give some stunning atmospheric feelings. 'Feeling Lucky' may be a short track but in this time creates some lovely sounds. One thing that stands out through this album is the background vocals. There is the "ha ha ha" of 'Let It Happen', which suit the lyrics of the track very well; the "Do do do" of 'Carry You' beneath the distinctive harmonies, fitting like another level to the track; then there are the background "Ahh" and central "hey hey hey" of 'Here It Goes' which is bound to be a crowd participation favourite for sure.

The majority of tracks on this album are upbeat and very catchy. There is the intense "Electable (Give It Up)' with its bouncy guitar riffs; 'Firefight' includes a gradual build up to some subtle guitar rhythms; 'Distraction' has an electric opening and gives a sharp atmosphere; while slower numbers like 'Be Sensible' and 'Gotta Be Somebody's Blues' include a string arrangement, pinging of acoustic guitar and an ambience that is suiting among the louder numbers on the album. They clicking fingers and later clapping hands are used as if another instrument at some points through out 'Always Be' is a great example of the creative brains at work on this album.

'Carry You' and the first single 'Big Casino' may have developed through Jim Adkins' side project Go Big Casino but they definitely work for this album. Some very talented people have created tracks full of energy and potential hit singles. The album has its share of electric numbers, the odd slower tune to encourage you to pull someone close and enough instruments to fill the stage at the Royal Albert Hall. Jimmy Eat World has all the musical talent needed to amuse a listener for an hour or so.