Reverend and the Makers - Open your window

After two previous singles, you may expect a drop in dedication and attention grabbing from Reverend and the Makers, but sure enough, 'Open Your Window' is going to grab you by the hair and tug at it hard.

This indie funk electro band have managed to build up an intense rhythm though out and added a bouncy beat you will not be getting out of your head for a while. The chorus is very catchy, and had me singing along with lines such as "Open Your Window/Won't you let her out/wave goodbye to the butterfly/the one you can't be without" after only one listen. The edgy vocals from Jon McClure singing about losing a loved one to University makes any University Graduate, or fans of teen flicks, pout in sympathy.

This may only be material from their debut album 'The State Of Things', but it has longevity and is bound to do well.