Engineer Records DVD - Building On Sight And Sound

'Building On Sight and Sound' is the first DVD compilation from the diverse Engineer records roster. Previously known as Ignition records it includes 20 underground band videos all with their own diverse styles.

Engineer Records calls itself an open-minded label and with this in mind they have created a DVD with a very open minded attitude. With a huge selection of tracks from hardcore, punk and emo bands together from all over the world.
The tracks were well chosen, however the videos were perhaps not. Some were very low budget and of poor quality lacking creativity and imagination. If the point of the DVD was to show the do-it-yourself ethos of underground bands then this works fine, however I feel as if the label has perhaps chosen quantity over quality on some occasions.

I would recommend this DVD if you're interested in the underground music scene and you want to compare your own band, see some new emerging talent and see what not to do when creating a video. And yes I am talking about playing in your bedroom in front of a static video camera.

I think the highlight videos included 'Kover' with 'Deathbed Reflections' who reminded me of such bands as 'Small Brown Bike' and even 'Hot Water Music,' with the vocalist's gruff edged melodic singing and simple chord progressions. 'Six Second Hero' although not a great choice of track looked like they were thoroughly enjoying what they were doing and I think this is the point and drive of being in a band when you're young and creating something that you can be proud of together. The emotional crooning of 'Cornflames' and the angular punk of Cashless were bands that also stood out from the bunch .

One of the worst videos simply due to the cliched attempt at shock value would have to be 'Nine Days To No One,' with the human hook suspension alternating with footage of the band playing live.

Overall there were a fair few bands that need not have been on the DVD and in places I did spend a lot of time skipping forwards. But there were also a few bands that I would want to spend some time checking out and for me that makes it worthwhile. It may not be a collection of the most talented bands, the very best videos or the very best tracks but it does show what is going on with young bands today. It shows their dedication, commitment and passion for the music they are creating and it shows that although they may need a bit more work they are doing this themselves and that makes it inspiring to watch. It's 100% independent music and it clearly illustrates love of the music that the label has and the drive and ambition of the bands and people involved in making it.
'Building On Sight and Sound' gives the impression that your band could be on the next Engineer DVD, well either that or your mates band anyway!