This should stick...

Back in 2000, when The Delgados released The Great Eastern, they were on the verge of being destroyed by the high praises of the critics. "The finest collection of songs committed to a record" professed one musical weekly. No wonder that the public were dubious. Because, although The Delgados were a great band, they had their limitations.

Happily, Emma Pollock was not one of of them. With a delicate yet strong voice with only the faintest hint of regional accent she was the jewel the band's crown. And now with "Paper and Glue", her latest single, these talents have far from gone away. With its sweet, toe tapping melodies and arrangements, it departs into firm pop territory before slightly and subtly diverting into an off kilter key. It is surprising and further proof that Emma Pollock is someone well worth watching. It might not be as thrilling as some of the better Delgados songs but, in this day and age, pop records don't really get much better than this.