Personal Space Invaders

When you hear a band like Personal Space Invaders, you first off, question the stupidity and arrogance of their band title and then decide that in this day and age it’s irrelevant. Musically, you crave, need and demand their live performance. Almost immediately- the venue, colour and the word eccentric spring to mind.

This debut five track mini album “What you want”, due for release early 2008, should please pretty much everybody. The retro ‘Pictures in black and white’ and more mellow track ‘song for rebels’ start us off well, bursting with funk and feist, tackling any indie repetition issues with quirky electronics and ambitious compulsive riffs.

Compare them to Klaxons, Infadels and The Anniversary (if only vocally), and I would struggle to disagree with you. It’s spunky, yet chilled, made to fit any mood, scenario or get together. See- the beauty of these guys is simple. Personal Space Invaders are gonna struggle to offend wherever they trespass- unless of course public humiliation and unfortunate nakedness occur.

A really quirky three piece, topped off with a fashionable, stylish album cover and sexy, catchy choruses. They border on turning into a typical indie band but manage to go one better than that and allow the 80’s child in them seep through.

Yes- perhaps at times it is too easy listening, a tad repetitive and lacking the Klaxon’s intensity. Yet It’s absolutely fantastic in its own right- and I say that very rarely. Almost bursting into Girls Aloud tracks at times, Personal Space Invaders really have looked at ticking all the boxes.

‘Attention’ is my least favourite, unfortunately pretentious and Franz Ferdinand like, however ‘Settle’ which follows is by far the best track- linking neurotic bass and compelling vocals.

Its music you could dance to on a Saturday night yet appreciate at 11 at night when tucked up reading your latest novel. I think I love them already and hope that “what you want”, set for release in the next coming months- does as well as it deserves to.