Seduction The Queens Way

Having threatened, terrified and jarred the life out of all, to brilliant effect, with their previous single ‘Sick, Sick’, Queens Of The Stone Age now turn their hand to seduction with latest release ‘Make It Wit Chu’.

Turning the guitars down astronomically and easing off on the drums, ‘Make It Wit Chu’ finds Josh Homme and gang forming a funky blues stance that croons wildly as it struts with sultry smooth ease. First appearing on Vol 9 of the ‘Desert Sessions’ album four years ago, or as Homme likes to call it “the never ending mixtape”, ‘Make It Wit Chu’ is as unnerving as it is seductive, as typical Queens roughness lurks wonderfully beneath the surface, threatening now and again to break through the velvety slick exterior. It may not have the driving punch and brute force of a normal Queens track but ‘Make It Wit Chu’ is none the less appealing and alluring, after all is there really anyone brave enough to say no to Homme?