Masters of Class

Stereophonics continue to dish-out a pretty relentless brand of pop-rock, never to be seen or heard in the music scene before. That vivacious approach to their music writing has made them a household name, experienced rock-gods and somewhat music icons of the modern-age we live in but like many things nowadays people tend to get picky, and Stereophonics have been subject to that same treatment. Some people would argue that their music sounds all the same, they are unoriginal and frankly boring but if you’ve ever been to one of their concerts you would know exactly why that isn’t true.

They are mature and they are in complete control of their musical aptitude and despite modest sales of their new album “Pull The Pin”, one-day people will realise a good thing and stumble back into love again, with this chirpy trio. “My Friends” has the same typical rasping vocals and soaring guitar from Kelly Jones, the spirited drumming of Javier Weyler and the funky bass of Richard Jones. Collectively they help create the truly atmospheric sound of the one and only Stereophonics. This band was made to be glorified.