hot club de paris

Hot club de paris’s new single seems to have been bred in vast angelic quires with a healthy lacing of quaint guitar tickling and humble lyrics. The speaking-like conversation vocals are huggable and the guitar is simple and played with the greatest of delicacy. Bells shake and rattle prior to the “will you still be in love with me next year” chant that flares and ensnares the audio based senses.

The b-side, “Straight hair”, features an acoustic guitar that is the victim of some tentative slapping beneath a bohemian love song. Almost like a less depressive Bright Eyes that features a comforting regional dialect. It gradually builds and as a large drum appears, beating simply in the background it ignores any unnecessary complication. Its simple beat greats echoes to spawn a dimmed light atmosphere. I find the relaxed smoky ore of the b-side to be a natural relaxant that induces you into a daydream of love and lust.