My Passion- Boo Man

My Passion’s myspace (the source of all knowledge) looks to have been created by a 13year old die hard My Chemical Romance fan- using the colours black and red as if thy are swiftly going out of fashion. And with all due respect if that is what appeals, the band have hit the nail on the head using an expensive hammer with their latest release Booman.

I listen to it and I’m not really sure if it turns me on at all. The rather annoying synth sounds are a little over used and the band that could be referred to as both McFly and Lost Prophets haven’t managed to produce anything I’d go out and buy prior to a Christmas sale. Yet, it’s catchy enough, relishing in the new dance, emo craze. With thei own successful custom label “My Passion Fashion”, the boys are really selling themselves well within all areas of the media market. But this can’t disguise the fact that the music itself is simple, obvious and un-original. At points, the frontman isn’t actually singing English, or in fact any language known to man. The review is a lot more one sided than I had hoped but the more I listen, the more I criticise. So now I’ve turned it off.