Passionately Exhilerating

Regrettably there’s seems only two routes for David Ford; one that will see him unfairly sidetracked to the meagre depths of drive time radio, mingling with the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls and James Blunt or one that will see him completely over looked by the music buying public intent on purchasing the latest X Factor drivel to hit the shelves. But sadly this is the state of the music industry today.

Falling into the singer/songwriter category, Ford is able to capture a sparkle of realism that instantly takes you into his confidence as sincerity seeps out of every line and whilst Ford is quick to claim that the drug references of ‘I’m Alright Now’ are merely fictitious, you can not help but be engulfed into the story, believing every word to be true. Tentative to start, ‘I’m Alright Now’ quickly bursts into a soaring epic, flowing with sweet melodies and bitter edged lyrics as Ford’s almost drunken swagger of a voice depicts wretched heartache bizarrely wrapped in an optimistic outlook. Until drive time radio jumps onto Ford’s trail enjoy the Ex-Easyworld’s member’s music for what it is • compelling lyrics held together by a passion led performance that will not fail to exhilarate.